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Aruba Scuba Diving

The tropical vacation destination of Aruba attracts plenty of Scuba Diving enthusiasts to its warm protected waters. This island paradise rests just eighteen miles off the coast of Venezuela and only twelve degrees north of the equator. This location in the southwestern Caribbean keeps both the air and water temperatures warm and pleasant for Scuba Diving in Aruba throughout the year. Since the water temperatures remain between the upper seventies to low eighties (Fahrenheit), Scuba Divers typically can use light to medium wetsuits.
The South American mainland protects the island from storm fronts approaching from the west. The island's southwestern orientation in the Caribbean locates it outside of the typical zones for the tropical storms that plague most other of the Caribbean islands during the Atlantic hurricane season. The leeward side of Aruba is protected from the rougher winds and waves of the Caribbean Sea; visibility at the popular leeward side diving locations is excellent as a result. Visibility typically reaches between thirty to one hundred feet on the leeward side of Aruba. Another underwater geographic feature of Aruba is the sandy shelf that extends outward from the island, providing an excellent setting to dive at the numerous wrecks found and is why Aruba Scuba Diving is some of the most exiting in the world. This shelf reaches modest depths of one hundred and forty feet, staying within the limits of most certified divers.
The prolific amount of fabulous wreck sites off the shores of Aruba make the island one of the best wreck scuba diving destinations in the Caribbean Sea, perhaps on Earth. The waters of Aruba are home to several historic wrecks from World War II, including the Antilla, a tremendous four-hundred foot German freighter, and the Pedernalis, an oil tanker sunk by a German torpedo. The Aruban waters are also full of wrecks that were intentionally sunk to provide artificial reef habitats that would attract scuba divers. Quite a few massive and interesting wrecks rest off the Aruban shoreline, including several plane wreck sites. There is a nice variety of these wrecks, providing dive spots for both beginner and advanced divers. Novice divers can discover relatively shallow wrecks with clear entries and plentiful marine life. If you are unfamiliar with wreck diving, Aruba Diving offer some exciting, yet safe, wreck sites where you can get your feet wet. At some wrecks, advanced divers can descend to depths of one hundred feet and explore the interiors of some gigantic tanker wrecks. Multitudes of aquatic life have adopted these wrecks as their home, transforming them into a teeming undersea habitat.
The wreck sites are not the only dive sites where Scuba Divers can discover a vast array of aquatic life; the sandy shelf on the leeward side of Aruba is home to many coral gardens, including finger reefs and patch reefs, as well as reefs that are home to wrecks. You'll witness a variety of multicolored sponges and hard and soft corals, and other invertebrates at these locations, including Vase Sponges, Tube Sponges, Rope Sponges, Barrel Sponges, Anemones, Leaf Corals, Sheet Corals, Star Corals, Elkhorn Corals, Brain Corals, Mountain Corals, Flower Corals, Pillar Corals, Sea Fans, Fire Corals and different Gorgonians. You'll also witness an astounding variety of fish species, including Barracudas, Jewfish, Manta Rays, Moray Eels, Jacks, Groupers, Man Bangos, Sergeant Majors, Yellow Frogfish, Blue Wrasses, Rainbow Runners, Parrotfish, Surgeonfish, Yellowtail Grunts, Butterfly Fish, and varieties of Angelfish, among others. Some exotic species you may spot include Octopi, Marine Turtles, Sea Horses, and Lobsters. The biodiversity off the coast of Aruba is truly astounding to witness on an Aruba Scuba Diving Charter.
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