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Aruba Scuba Diving Courses

If you would like to complete a Diving Certification course while on vacation in Aruba, then register with one of our pro PADI-licensed Scuba Diving instructors. We offer complete diving curriculum that will appeal to both diving rookies and veterans alike. Novices can choose from the abridged tutorial of Discover Scuba or the complete training of Open Water Certification. Certified Divers can further pursue their education with an Advanced Open Water course, a Specialty Certification, or even the highest levels of advanced certifications, including Rescue Diving and Dive-master courses. Our educational professionals will make sure that you are fully prepared to dive with a poise and self-confidence to always make the correct decisions while diving, no matter what the situation.

Discover Scuba

Discover Scuba, also referred to as the Resort Course, is a one-day scuba instructional program that gives tourists the chance to prepare to dive in an abbreviated morning lesson before diving in the afternoon in open water under the supervision of a dive instructor. You will start the day with a brief in-class orientation before jumping into a pool in order to familiarize yourself with the diving equipment and breathing apparatus, as well as become accustomed to underwater movement. After a morning of in-pool instruction, you will venture off the coast in a customized dive vessel for a splendid afternoon of Scuba Diving in the transparent waters of Aruba under the watchful eyes of our PADI licensed divemaster.

Open Water Diver Certification

You won't find a better place to learn Scuba Diving than in the crystal-clear waters of Aruba. After completing the Open Water Diver Certification program, not only will you be PADI certified to dive off Aruba, but anywhere else on the globe. This professionally-run program includes three important phases to certification: the study phase, the confined-water phase, and, finally, the dive phase in open water off the coast of Aruba. The study phase consists of classroom, at home prep, or online preparation and testing. The confined water phase allows students to learn the requisite diving skills and to become acquainted with the underwater equipment. Finally, students have the opportunity to use their newly gained skills off-shore in a thrilling open-water dive expedition in the fabulous waters off the Island of Aruba

Refresher Program

If you haven't been Scuba Diving in a while, brush up on your skills by taking a Scuba Refresher Program? This PADI Refresher Course was established to re-orient lapsed divers with the basic skills and safe procedures of Open Water Scuba Diving. This Refresher Course incorporates a short class-room review, proficiency underwater in a pool, and finally, an excursion off the coast of Aruba for an Open Water Dive under the supervision of our professional staff. Re-discover your zeal for Scuba Diving by participating in the Scuba Refresher Program in the tropical waters of Aruba.

Open Water Checkout

Also referred to as Open Water Referral, the Open Water Checkout Program permits potential Scuba Divers to start an Open Water Certification at their local dive shop and finish their training in the gorgeous waters off the shores of Aruba. This certification option is especially appealing for vacationing tourists who do not want to spend their vacation studying. With the Referral alternative, participants can enjoy more time Scuba Diving in the amazing Aruban waters exploring off-shore wreck sites and breathtaking coral gardens. So, after completing the initial two stages of the Open Water Certification Course, join our knowledgeable dive instructors for an exciting Open Water expedition off Aruba.

Advanced Open Water Certification

Continue to and increase your scuba diving proficiency with an Advanced Open Water Certification Course. This subsequent phase after the Open Water Certification Course, is more like an off-shore adventure than a class. This Advanced Course includes 5 diving excursions; you'll experience an Underwater Navigation trip, a Deeper Water Dive and your selection of 3 other dive adventures. You can select from fifteen optional dive adventures, including Wreck Diving, Digital Underwater Photography, Drift Scuba Diving, Fish ID, Underwater Videography, Night Diving, Search and Recovery, Underwater Scooter, Dry Suit Diving, Underwater Nature Study, Altitude Diving, and Multi Level Diving. Since Aruba is home to so many excellent Wreck Dive sites, wreck diving is a highly recommended option.

Divemaster, Rescue and Specialty Courses

If you have already finished your Advanced Open Water Certification, you can add to your Scuba Diving knowledge by taking courses in additional certifications like Dive-master, Rescue Diver, as well as Specialty Certifications like Wreck Diving, Digital Underwater Photography and Videography, Drift-diving, and Night Diving. Our Aruban Scuba Diving professionals are available by telephone to answer any further questions about the available Scuba Diving Certification courses offered in Aruba.